Horse Drawn Carriages for Funerals Hereford

Say a special farewell and give your loved one the send-off they deserve with a horse drawn funeral procession. We have over 32 years’ experience of working in the funeral profession and can provide a horse drawn carriage for funerals in Hereford and further afield. 

We can accommodate any wishes you may have, from wireless songs to colours, we aim to make the memories of your loved one’s final journey as special as possible for you. We take pride in our turnout, so that what you expect for your loved one is the same as we would turn out for our loved ones. Our dedicated team are committed to maintaining the highest standards and traditional values. For further information or to make a booking, please contact us.

Horse Drawn Hearse

Our purpose-built, handmade horse drawn hearse is meticulously maintained. It has access from both the front and back allowing the interior to be adorned with floral tributes to add colour and sentiment. It has ample space and can therefore accommodate caskets of all sizes.

The hearse is driven by our highly experienced and traditionally dressed coachmen. To suit your preferences, we offer a choice of attire for our coachmen. Options include traditional attire such as cloak dress coats or tails, black or pinstripe morning trousers, ties or cravats, top hats and gloves. Alternatively, if you prefer a country style funeral, we can offer our dray with a single horse. For this type of funeral, our coachmen can be dressed less formally with a flat cap, country-style shirt, waistcoat and trousers.

Children's Funerals

At KC Carriages, we offer the Princess Diana carriage which is the only one in the UK. Children’s funerals can be themed from unicorns with colourful plumes to a favourite character. We do everything to ensure that we create a special send-off for your loved one.  

Horses for Funerals

We have 16 carriage horses that can be provided in matching pairs of black or white. Traditionally, black is the preferred choice for a funeral, however white pairs are available should this be your preference.

Our matched pair of purebred Dutch Friesian Stallions have an incredibly placid nature and majestic appearance. Originally trained in Ireland, they have worked as a pair for many years, providing traditional horse drawn funeral services across the region.

Horse and Carriage Funeral Cost

The cost of horse and carriage hire for funerals will depend on the location of the funeral and your preferences. We always aim to keep our costs affordable, so contact us to make an enquiry.

Outriders available with either black or white horses

Book a Funeral Carriage with Horses

For further information or to book a horse drawn funeral hearse, please get in touch. Whether you require a horse drawn carriage for funerals in Hereford or elsewhere across the region, you can rely on us for traditional funerals of the highest standard.