Stunt Horses

For over 32 years, we have been successful in training stunt horses and supplying highly experienced horses and riders to the film and television industry, displays, historical re-enactments and photoshoots. We offer a range of breeds to choose from and can supply both horses and ponies in a selection of colours to meet the needs of your production. For further information or to make an enquiry, please get in touch.

What Our Stunt Horses Can Do

Our horses and ponies are highly trained to perform a wide range of stunts. They are used to being exposed to busy film sets with fire, flashing lights, cannons and more. Stunts they can perform include the following, however, if you have a special request we can cater to your needs.

How We Train Our Stunt Horses

Training horses to do stunts is a specialist skill that requires extensive time and effort. Horses are highly intelligent creatures and have excellent memories, so when a stunt has been perfected, all it takes is a visual or physical cue to ask the horse to perform the act.

We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable trainers that have worked in this sector for many years. Training requires an incredible bond of trust which is built up over time and is gained through both groundwork and ridden work.

Teaching a horse to do something against its instincts, such as lying down, takes great skill. As such, it is important that when we hire our stunt horses out, their main handler accompanies them.

Hire a Stunt Horse

Would you like to hire a stunt horse? Then get in touch with the team to discuss your project. We can provide horses across the UK for film, TV, displays, promotional films and photoshoots.

Contact KC Carriages

Contact KC Carriages if you require further information, advice or would like to enquire about hiring stunt horses for film and television.