Horses and Carriages to Hire for Film & TV

Our incredibly talented team of horses, carriages and riders are available for film and television work across the UK and beyond. Offering a diverse range of professional services, we provide horse hire, riders, driving horses, carriages and coachmen, and re-enactors with historically accurate costumes. Whether you need horses for battle scene reenactments, film, television work, photoshoots or promotional videos, we can provide a selection of stunning and highly trained horses to meet the needs of your project. For further information and to enquire about our availability, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

KC hold a full animal activity licence for work in the film industry. You can rest assured that the welfare of our horses are to the government standard for performing animals. Hereford Council Licence Number: N-PERF38.

TV & Film Productions Our Horses Have Featured In

Having appeared in numerous productions for television, film, Hollywood and Bollywood, our team have extensive experience in working across a wide range of film and television sets.

This has meant we have worked with some of the most prestigious and world-renowned production companies in the world from the BBC & ITV to large Bollywood productions. We’re proud to have worked on blockbuster films as well as award-winning tv dramas. Productions we have featured in include:

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Hire Horses for Film & TV

If you need horses for your next film or TV production then get in touch with the team at KC Carriages. We can provide highly trained horses, riders, coachmen and handlers to meet your requirements.

Find out more about our Stunt Horses too! These highly skilled horses can help create the most epic tv and movie scenes to hit your screens.

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For further information about hiring our horses and carriages for film and television, please contact us. Visits to our yard can be arranged where you can meet the horses and speak to our riders, drivers and handlers.