Horse Rescue Centre Hereford

Please be aware that some people may find the images on this page distressing.

Our horse rescue centre is at the very centre of our hearts. Over the years, we have rescued hundreds of horses and ponies that have been abandoned, abused and neglected. We provide around the clock care to nurse these poor animals back to health, and over the years we have seen many upsetting and extreme cases. Our sanctuary provides a safe haven for our rescues. While they are with us, they receive professional treatment for malnourishment, physical and psychological injuries, as required. Through love and professional care, we rehabilitate our rescues so they can enjoy the rest of their days in comfort and safety. As well as providing care at our stables in Herefordshire, we also provide a rehoming service and have placed many rescues at loving and competent homes around the country. For further information about our equine rescue centre, please get in touch.

About Our Equine Rescue

We exist to support our horse rescue centre here in Hereford. KC Carriages is named in memory of our very first rescue Kinky Curlu. Our horse sanctuary was established at the very beginning, over 32 years ago and we operate as a Not-for-Profit-Trust. All profits raised from our equestrian services such as horse riding and driving lessons, carriage hire and film and TV appearances are reinvested back into our rescue centre so we can provide the much-need care and attention that neglected and abandoned horses and ponies need.

Our Rescue Horses

Our rescue horses and ponies come from many backgrounds and unfortunate circumstances. Over the years hundreds of equine friends have passed through our yard. We pride ourselves on providing the very best care to ensure they get the attention they require to become happy, healthy horses and ponies once more.


How We Help

We provide a safe haven and professional care to nurse our rescues back to health. When a rescue case comes into our yard, they will undergo a full veterinary examination and checks by the dentist, farrier and chiropractor. This is necessary to establish any problems before the rehabilitation process can begin.

Money raised from our equestrian services and kind donations from the public enables us to provide the shelter, medical care and love that these neglected animals require to ensure they get a second chance in life.

Thousands of pounds are spent every year keeping horses in our care. Expenses include but are not limited to the following:

Horse Rehoming

From time to time we have rescues available for rehoming. We never let a rescue leave our yard until it has been given a clean bill of health. Rehoming a rescued horse or pony can be a challenge but is also very rewarding. As a result, we only rehome horses and ponies to experienced and permanent adoption homes that have the knowledge and patience to give the care these animals need, so they can live happily for the rest of their life. If you would like further information on giving a rescue horse a home, then get in touch.

Contact KC Carriages

For further information about our equine rescue centre in Hereford, please contact us.