Equine Apprenticeships Hereford

If you have a passion for horses and wish to work with horses in a professional setting, then an apprenticeship could be just what you need to kick start your career. Working in conjunction with Summerhouse Training, we offer equine apprenticeships in Hereford, right here on our wonderful yard. To find out more and enquire about upcoming vacancies, please get in touch.

Train to Work with Horses

Working with horses is a highly rewarding career but it can also be very demanding. From time to time, we offer training positions where you can gain a recognised qualification through Summerhouse Training. Our yard is the perfect place to learn about all aspects of horse care because we work across a range of spheres and have a wide selection of horses and ponies, each with very different personalities and needs.

Summerhouse Equine Groom Apprenticeships

Summerhouse Training provides equine groom apprenticeships for those aged 16 or over and not in full-time education. Whether you are a school leaver or wish to change your career, their apprenticeships provide an excellent pathway into a career working with horses. Currently, they provide the following courses:

What do the courses cover?

The following list briefly describes what each course covers. Both courses map across to many of the British Horse Society qualifications and in some cases, you may qualify for direct entry into these exams.

Equine Groom Level 2

Equine Groom Level 3

Find Out if We Have Equestrian Apprenticeship Vacancies

If you are interested in starting a career with horses, then get in touch with the team at KC Carriages. Further details about the courses can be found on the Summerhouse Training website.