Equestrian Centre Hereford

Our fully equipped equestrian centre based in Hereford has everything you need to excel in your passion for horses and horse riding. Our yards are kept immaculately clean and tidy, allowing us to offer a wide range of tuition across many different disciplines. This could be anything from learning to ride horses to our ‘Own A Pony’ experience, where you can enjoy all the experiences of owning a pony!

Send your horse to us for schooling and breaking or training with us. The opportunities to learn and train with us are endless. To enquire about any of our services please contact us.

Horse Riding School

Whether you are a beginner or a keen competitor, our fully equipped riding school can help! Learn how to ride or improve your equitation skills with our dedicated instructors showing you the best practises. Excel in your discipline with ease at our riding school under the care of our BHS approved trainers providing first class riding tuition.

Horse Schooling & Breaking

Our highly trained instructors offer professional horse schooling and breaking. The schooling we offer is tailored specifically to the needs of you and your horse, complete by very experienced trainers.

Own a Pony Experience

Owning a pony is a big responsibility. So if you’ve ever wanted to find out what it’s like to own one, we offer pony ownership experiences. These range from 1 day to 1 week with longer experiences being available including anything from 1 month to longer.

Equestrian Apprenticeships

Train with our expert instructors! We work alongside Summerhouse Training to provide equestrian apprentices right here on our yard in Hereford. The apprenticeships include Equine Groom and Senior Equine Groom Qualifications.

Our Facilities

The facilities we have at our equestrian centre are extensive. We have several stable blocks as well as a huge riding arena, acres of turnout area and our very own horse rescue centre. As you can well imagine, our centre is expansive and home to approximately 53 horses in total, giving all of our customers the very best experience upon every visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Humans use horse breaking (or horse starting) to train horses to allow themselves to be ridden or harnessed. A horse would typically reject attempts to ride it before such a learning process is completed.

Horse training encompasses a wide range of techniques for teaching horses to do specific actions when instructed by humans. Horses are educated to be manageable by humans for both daily care and equestrian activities such as horse racing and horseback riding.

While simply riding on a horse may appear to be simple, learning to ride successfully is just as tough as learning any other sport. This is why it’s important to utilise our expert instructors whilst learning to get the most from your lessons.

Visit Our Equestrian Centre

Visit our equestrian centre in Hereford or contact us to find out more about all the services and experiences we offer. From complete beginners to more advanced riders, we offer tuition to all. Get in touch with our friendly & dedicated team to enquire and start pursuing your love for horses.