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1. What is a numnah?

a) a mad horse

b) an injection

c) a blanket

d) a saddle cloth


2. Which of these is not part of a horse’s hoof?

a) the wall

b) the sole

c) the frog

d) the roof


3. What does the Western slang word ‘loco’ mean?

a) a breed of horse

b) a fizzy drink

c) a Western bit

d) a crazy horse


4. How many beats are there in a gallop?

a) six

b) four

c) three

d) one


5. Which of the words below is the name of a South African breed of horse?

a) Boerhond

b) Boeresel

c) Boerkoei

d) Boerperd


6. Which breed of horse only comes in the colour black?

a) the Standardbred

b) the Morgan

c) the Friesian

d) the Thoroughbred


7. What is a two-year-old horse called?

a) a two-year-old

b) a duo-horse

c) a teenager

d) a juvenile


8. Which breed of horse was bred by the Nez Pearce Indians?

a) the Paint Horse

b) the Quarter Horse

c) the Appaloosa

d) the Mustang


9. Which famous breed of horse featured in the famous movie, ‘The Black Stallion’?

a) the Arabian

b) the Thoroughbred

c) the Barb

d) the Anglo-Arab


10. What is a mother horse called?

a) a mare

b) a dam

c) a brood mare

d) a mother horse


11. What is a horse’s most natural gait?

a) walk

b) canter

c) trot

d) gallop


12. What is a father horse called?

a) a father horse

b) a stallion

c) a brood stallion

d) a sire


13. How long does it usually take a new-born foal to get up and moving?

a) within thirty minutes

b) five hours

c) a day

d) five minutes


14. What does it normally mean when a horse pins his ears back against his neck?

a) he is happy

b) he is going to kick

c) he is getting angry and frustrated

d) he wants carrots

15. What is the segment of mane that hangs between a horse’s ears called?

a) the fringe

b) the forelock

c) the mane

d) the tail


16. What is a ‘flea-bitten grey’?

a) a grey horse that has a flea problem

b) a type of head collar

c) a breed of dog

d) a horse coat colour


17. What is the difference between a stripe and a blaze?

a) the one is white and the other is grey in colour

b) the latter is 6cm thick and the former 2cm

c) they have different lengths

d) the first is artificial and the other is natural


18. What was the name of the world’s only breed of wild horse?

a) the Mustang

b) the Brumbie

c) the Namib Desert Horse

d) the Tarpan


19. Which of these is not a piece of horse tack?

a) a martingale

b) a bit

c) a crop

d) a bridle


20. Which of these is not a category of horse breeds?

a) Hotblood horses

b) Redblood horses

c) Coldblood horses

d) Warmblood horses

Answers can be found here